suzuki rm125 1982..clan bike…$1995


What a great model 125 these were.
This example is a very tidy unrestored bike.
Original plastics still fitted..some fading but no cracks or burn holes.
The seat has had a new cover fitted.
The carbs been cleaned and tuned.
Engine wise its a great runner and sounds good.
No oil or fluid leaks.
New grips,front number plate,kill switch.
The wheels are very good,no cracks or repairs.
lower frame rails are very good and not bashed up.
No obvious frame repairs.
The pipe has some dents.
The back shock has the gas bottle and line missing.
Good swing arm bushes and wheel bearings.
A good clean example.
Coffs harbour..2450


Suzuki rm125..1979..clean original bike.low hrs..$2700



These are very hard to find in such clean original low hr cond.
This one runs great and the engine is in good cond.
The pipe is mint not a dent on it.
The frame is excellent,lower frame rails are excellent.
Seat cover/bae and foam is excellent.
New air filter,grips,kill switch lower chain roller,seat cover just fitted.
Rims are good.
Swing arm bushes and wheel bearing are good.
Chain and sprockets are good.
Plastics are all the originals.
Just a real clean bike all over.
Coffs harbour..2450

honda cb750..low miles,runs great..$4800



This cb has a low 23000 miles from new.
Overall tidy bike.
The engine is in very good cond.
Starts and runs very good.
We have stripped the carbs and cleaned them.
Has all the original airbox etc.
The tank internally is shiny.
Externally has fading and a small dent.
Right side cover is very nice,left is broken but has the badges still intact.
The chrome has some rust in parts.
Fork chrome is good.
Swingarm bushes and wheel bearings are good.
The gauges are very good.
The seat is off a cb550,new correct seat cover,the base is excellent,
It will need brackets modified to fit.
It doesnt appear to be ever crashed.
The pics show no chain but has new chain fitted.
Has a new master front brake master cylinder fitted,will need bleeding.
unreg..with import papers for easy rego.
Coffs harbour..2450

Honda cb750 1972..runs excellent..$4600



This cb750 has a low 20k miles since new.
very low wear on the foot peg rubbers and the engine is tight.
Indicating miles true and correct.
It was found in a shed not well loved.
The engine has had the carbs cleaned and tuned and is running exc.
The motor is in very good condition
No smoke,rattles or oil leaks.
The fuel tank is exc inside,no dents externally.
The seat base is good, but is the incorrect base for the bike.
It has a new seat cover fitted.
The airbox etc is good and unmodded.
The chrome is fair.some corrosion.
The fork chrome is good.
Side covers have had some repairs over time.
No bodgey repairs or rounded off nuts or weld repairs.
All over a good base for a resto or ride as it is.
coffs harbour..2450

Kawasaki z1000 1980..runs excellent..$3995



This z bike runs excellent.
The carbs have just been cleaned and its running beutiful.
New pod filters just installed.
The electric starter is working good.
Fuel tank internally is shiny,outside the original paint has blemishes.
A couple of minor small dents.
The chain and sprockets are good.
The seat pictured does not  belong to this bike or come with the sale.
These are available cheap on ebay usa.
The exhaust has some dents etc.
The fork chrome is excellent but will need seals.
Back shocks are good.
Tyres are old and hard.
The tacho is missing,airbox missing as well as indicators.
and chain guard
Unsure if ks are correct..saying 60k miles..but everything else points to lower ks?..original stickers on legs,foot peg rubbers hardly worn,
motor runs tight and responsive.nice chrome work,maybe odometer was changed out?
unreg with import approval for easy rego
coffs harbour..2450

Kawasaki kdx400 1979..rare with low low miles..$2995

What a rare induro beast.
Something different from the garden variety PE,s and IT,s
These were never sold in oz so makes it a bit unique.
This one has a low 2500 miles since new…yes the speedo works.
The overall cond is very good.
Everything is tight and not flogged out.
The engine runs excellent.
Good compression.
The fork chrome is good.
Back shocks are good.
good chain and sprockets.
The airbox is all original.
The exhaust is in very good cond as well as the original muffler.
The rims are all good,
New correct seat cover,good foam and base.
Frame is very good still has the original bash plate fitted. 
It comes with import papers to be able to be regod.
Coffs harbour..2450

Cr500 1986..good bike..$3995..sold

This is the biggest hp year 62hp.
This one runs crisp,with a real strong engine.
No fluid leaks anywhere.
The rims a re very good.
Fork chrome is very good.
Back shock has good dampening.
New seat cover,foam is very good as well as the base.
The original pipe has some dents,has the original silencer.
Nice straight radiators.
Frame is good,some minor dents on the lower rails.
new front and back guards,the left cover is the incorrect one.
The fuel tank is possibly a 87 one?
Overall a tidy bike for 29 yrs old!
coffs harbour..

Husqvarna..cr390 1979..runs great..$2300

These are great ol bike.
This one runs very good with good compression.
The fork chrome is good.
Back shocks need replacing.
The bike overall is good for the age.
Nothing obvious that has been bodgied up.
Frame looks all good.
Original airbox.
Magura twist throttle.
Pipe is in good cond,missing the muffler.
Coffs harbour..2450


Yamaha.dt250 1977..runs great..$2650

This is a good tidy example.
The bike has a low 8k miles on the clock.
The bike runs excellent.
Good tight running engine.
The bike is very original and has most of its road gear still intact.
Oil injection still hooked up.
The only thing I can see missing is the rear indicators.
The headlight and taillight and dash lights all work.
Back shock has good dampening.
Front fork chrome is excellent top to bottom.
The tank has some marks,internally good.
New correct seat cover just fitted.
Seat base is excellent,
Pipe is good with no dents in the header pipe.
Original tail pipe still fitted.
coffs harbour..2450