Kawasaki kx500 1988..super clean bike














This kx500 is in exc survivor condition.
Dry climate bike with no corrosion anywhere.
The spokes are still nice and shiny.
Original warning labels still on the frame.
Original seat cover.
very minimal wear on the paint frame.all indicating very low usage.
Has the original exhaust and muffler fitted.
The plastics are very good.
Good tyres.
Good chain and sprockets.
Alloy bars fitted.
back shock rebuilt by white bros.
The motor runs very tight.
Plenty of compression.
All over a real clean clean example.
Coffs harbour..2450

Honda cb350..1972..low k,s..$3300



This has a low original 11k miles since new.
very original bike right down to the grips.
The engine is in great condition.
The chrome on the wheels etc is very good.
Seat base is very good.
All the switch gear is nice. 
Tank internally is good.
new correct levers and rear tailight lens
The tank has a couple of small dents and scratches.
The chain and sprockets are good.
The tyres are good.
some crack in side covers.
Airbox is original and unmodded.
The bike has been dropped at some time 
And has some dents here and there.

suzuki rm250 1988..rare ..$2800



This bike is a tidy runner.
The engine runs good.
No oil or fuel leaks.
The back shock has got good dampening.
Fork chrome is good.
The procircuit pipe is in good cond.
The seat base and foam is good,has new gripper seat cover fitted.
Front and back guards are new,side plastics have some fading.
The front shrouds are cracked.
The airbox is all good,no mods.
coffs harbour 2450

yamaha yz490 1982..$2950



This is a nice tidy unrestored 490.
It comes with the original tank as well as this long range one.
Everything is tight and not flogged out.
Fork chrome is excellent.
Back shock has got good dampening.
Near new chain and sprockets.
Air box is excellent and and unmodded.
The engine is in very good running cond.
No broken fins or case repairs.
Pipe is the original and has some bruises.
New correct seat cover.
Frame is very good,lower frame rails are good.
Nice anodizing on the rims.
All over a tidy example.
Coffs harbour..2450

Honda cb750 1974..super clean..$5995



3/1974 cb750
This is a very nice survivor 750.
It has a low 19500 miles since new.
The overall condition is good.
The engine is in excellent running condition.
It appears to be never dropped or crashed.
The chrome overall is pretty good,some light pitting.
The seat base and foam is good,fitted with new cover.
All the electrics are good and working.
Nice indicator lenses,new rear brake lens.
No oil leaks or fuel leaks.
Inside of the fuel tank is nice.
  Exterior of the tank is good.paintwork is good for the age.
Side covers are good,no cracks or broken tabs,
Coffs harbour..2450

Honda cr500 1990..tidy bike..$4500



This is a good running 500.
Its in overall tidy condition.
The motor starts easy and runs good.
Has a stealth flywheel weight fitted.
The cases all look good with no repairs.
The frame and lower rails are good.
original unmodded airbox.
The wheels look good,no cracks or broken spokes.
Good chain and sprockets.
The back shock has good dampening.serviced /set up from procircuit.
Front fork chrome is good.
Alloy fat bars and mounts.
New levers and grips and radiator shrouds.
Coffs harbour..2450

kawasaki z1000 csr 1981.low ks..gem..$5800



This is a rare model in australia.
Has only a low 17k miles on the bike.
All over very clean original bike.
The motor is in very good cond.
The chrome work is good.
Still has the exhaust pipe..in good cond.
The seat cover foam and base are very good.
Still has the complete tool roll under there.
The tank has some blemishes/scratches.
Side covers are good,no broken tabs or cracks.
Original unmodified airbox.
New tyres fitted front and back.
The damaged front indicator is now replaced.
coffs harbour..2450
unreg with correct import papers for easy rego